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This course builds on the concepts learned in OOP, and focuses more on how to graphically model and represent the software solution to the problem we want to implement. The models, through it's notational syntax and semantics expose the structure and behaviour which form the basis of communicating software design. We'll try to learn how to model effectively, what are the attributes of good design, and how to embed proven design patterns into our design.

This module is an elective (usually a masters level course at UoB), and the title is self-explanatory. Besides theory, the focus shall be on hands-on development. We shall focus on app development for Android platform. However, the concerns and ideas we shall learn will be equally applicable for app development in other mobile platforms. The tentative module contents are listed in the descriptor below. The module handbook shared by the University of Bradford can be found at this link.

Be ready to put a lot of efforts :)